Editor: Prof. Marcin Wysocki

ISSN: 0860-9411

Frequency: Biannual

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The spoken word perishes, but the written word endures





VOX PATRUM is a patristic journal, published since 1981, first by the Institute of Research for Christian Antiquity of Catholic University of Lublin, then (since 1 October 2012) by The Institute of History of the Church and Patrology of John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin. To the year of 2018 were published 70 volumes. "Vox Patrum" is the only kind of so spacious publication in Central Europe and well-known in all patristic centres of the world, which is often referred by scholars of antiquity. The journal is valued not only for the appearing articles, but first of all because of the published bibliographies, translations, reviews, and documentation patristic life in Poland and all around the world. In the ranking of scientific papers, published by the Ministry of Science and Education, the journal received 11 points.

The journal contains the following sections:
  1. Documents; 
  2. Articles;
  3. Translations; 
  4. Reviews; 
  5. Bibliographies; 
  6. Reports; 
  7. Informations
Editorial Staff:
  • Rev. dr hab. Marcin Wysocki, prof. KUL - editor-in-chief
  • Dawid Mielnik - editor

Subject Editors:

  • dr Anna Głowa (KUL, Lublin) - Archeology and Art History;
  • dr hab. Bożena Iwaszkiewicz-Wronikowska, prof. KUL (Lublin) - Archeology and Art History;
  • dr hab. Piotr Kochanek, prof. KUL (Lublin) - Byzantine Studies and Church History;
  • dr hab. Ewa Osek (KUL, Lublin) - Translationes;
  • Rev. prof. dr hab. Mariusz Szram (KUL, Lublin) - Patristic Theology.

Scientific Council:
Prof. dr hab. Stanisław Longosz – Founding editor (KUL, Lublin), prof. dr hab. Agnes Bastit-Kalinowska (Université de Lorraine, Metz), prof. dr hab. Theofried Baumeister OFM (Johannes Gutenberg Universität, Moguncja), prof. dr hab. Pierre-Maurice Bogaert OSB (Université Catholique de Louvain-la-Neuve), prof. dr Enrico Dal Covolo SDB (Pontificia Università Lateranense, Rzym), prof. dr hab. Bazyli Degórski OSPPE (Pontificia Università di San Tommaso d’Aquino, Rzym), prof. dr hab. Franciszek Drączkowski (KUL, Lublin), prof. dr hab. Augustyn Eckmann (KUL, Lublin), prof. dr Ana Maria Castelo Martins Jorge (Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Lizbona), prof. dr hab. Stanisław Kowalczyk (KUL, Lublin) prof. dr Isidro Lamelas OFM (Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Lizbona), prof. dr hab. Józef Naumowicz (UKSW, Warszawa),
prof. dr hab. Jerzy Pałucki (KUL, Lublin); bp prof. dr hab. Jan Śrutwa (KUL, Lublin)

The editorial board of "Vox Patrum", in order to keep the highest standards, accept and implement the principles of the publication ethics in accordance with the reccomendations of COPE - Committee on Publication Ethics available HERE.

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